Eindhoven, the Netherlands

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I was born and grew up near Tokyo, Japan. After studying contemporary jewellery and gemmology, I worked in a jewellery company for several years. Then I moved to the Netherlands to broaden my creative experience and attend the Design Academy Eindhoven. I graduated from the Man and leisure department "experience design" in 2016.

My interest is to use design as a tool to present nature and culture in a different context and to invite people to have more interest in the themes. Also to showcase a “real” experience, versus the digital experience which is more common nowadays.

INTERNSHIP experience


'Studio Claudy Jongstra'

Spannum, the Netherlands 2015



'Cure and care - quality of life'

 Taiwan Design Museum, Taiwan, 2014


'Under the influence'

 OM Spaces Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2014

 (collaborated with the Public Prosecution Office)


'Istanbul Design Biennial'

 Antrepot, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014


'Visualizing peace and justice'

 Museon, Den Haag, the Netherlands, 2016

 (collaborated with the city of Den Haag)


'In need of...'

 Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 2016


'Out of my own experience'

[Johannes Goedaert wondrous insect world]

 Zeeuws Museum, the Netherlands, 2016-2017